New Malagasy Game: Interwoven Words or Kintenontenonteny

New Malagasy Game:   Interwoven Words or Kintenontenonteny

Within the frame of the 190th anniversary of the fixation of the Malagasy language in the Latin character, which started on March 26 at the Bible House,  younger generation as well was involved by participating in the new Malagasy words games whose creative name is Kitenintenonteny or interwoven words.

Group photo, all have received their prizes according to their scores and age.

The event was jointly organized by the Bible Society and the National Center for Malagasy Language, on Wednesday 3rd April, always at the Bible House.

Four teams of four children had to compete and had to find in each round two words to be interwoven from some number of letters . Thereafter, one child, picked out of the team,  checks  if the word exists in the Malagasy dictionary or in the Bible for 1mn30,

The Kitenontenonteny game has many advantages for the children who play:

-          It  teaches them to use quickly the dictionary ,

-          It Increases their love for and knowledge of their native language,

-          It trains them to be alert and quick reacting,

-          And finally,  it trains them for  team work since their childhood.

The preparation team from the National Center for the Malagasy Language

All children who participated in the event got their own prize according to both  their scores and their age: God’s Word in their native language printed in the Latin character.

One team listening attentively to the rules of the game

Malagasy Bible Society

April 2013

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